Tuesday, July 31, 2007

lilTEV's Dance Tutorial 3.0

This tutorial covers basic tutting combinations and Omarion's trademark arm puzzle. Also has in a few hat tricks to add to your style!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Dancing Grooves - Pop and Lock

Video tutorial for few dancing steps. enjoY!

How To Dance In A Rave/Nighclub

A tutorial of how to dance at a rave or nightclub.

"Passion" Dance Tutorial

"Passion" by Se7en

Toprock Tutorial by Markos

This toprock tutorial shows how to do basic toprock and some basic drops. Enjoy.

Cwalk Tutorial from Decwalk.net

Here is my kind of advanced cwalk tutorial. I added a new move the V-Hop-Toe, I hope you like it.

Cwalk dance tutorial

This video will teach you how to do the cwalk dance.

Tutting Breakdown

Tutting breakdown: this is how I learn... so this is how I teach.